The following is by Jackie Lombardo, member of the Sierra Club Toxics Committee

“We know older turf products contain toxic chemicals associated with asthma, learning disabilities, and cancer. Saying that they are safe because they don’t contain lead is like saying cigarettes are safe because they don’t contain lead. There are many other chemicals that are in this synthetic grass and we don’t know what the effects are going to be not only on children’s health, but also what the effects are on the ground water as well. The Sierra Club understands people’s enthusiasm for a new product that may allow more playing time for children. But with the financial crisis that we are in, [county supervisors] just handed over a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayers’ money without looking into potential problems down the road: problems with water, problems with soil, and potential problems for kids’ health.”

Source: Chiara Canzi, “Turf v. grass: Have county schools rushed to judgment on the safety of synthetic turf?,” in Charlottesville News and Arts, January 13, 2009, available at